Who Cares Wins 2013

Who Cares Wins 2013

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Danmarks førende CSR event

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Who Cares Wins took place last time on 16 April 2013 at Hotel Crowne Plaza Copenhagen Towers.


This was the exciting programme of the day…

Time Subject

Doors open

Welcome coffee & registration.


Rushy Rashid & Henrik Byager– your hosts for the day.

Opening address

Frank JensenMayor of Copenhagen.

Key-note speech

Wayne Visser (UK)The international CSR guru and best-selling author Wayne Visser speaks about CSR 2.0. Visser will give us an insight into why many existing CSR strategies are unable to combine social responsibility with a stronger bottom line. Afterwards he will propose how businesses and brands of the future can improve both their image and bottom line by adopting a new approach, something he has dubbed “Transformative CSR” or “CSR 2.0”.


A new and different way of networking. In just 20 minutes we will try to think outside the box and generate inspiration and business across different industries and mindsets.

Panel debate

SMALL AND MEDIUM-SIZED BUSINESSES. Presented in collaboration with PwC. Chair: Tania Ellis – The Social Business Company. Panel participants: Lars Kolind, Mette Vinding (Re-Bag), Nicolaj Due (Vestergaard Frandsen), Peter Nørgaard (Code of Care), Ramon Arratia (Interface), René Tristan Lydiksen (Veksø)


Voom.dkwill provide organic coffee and ice cream.


For the next 30–45 minutes your time is yours. You could take an inspirational sustainable walk, take part in open networking in the foyer area, discuss CSR management with professor Derek Abell or listen in on an exciting panel debate between NGOs in the large hall. Read more about the different Free Time options below...

Free Time #1

Crowne Plaza Copenhagen Towersis designed to be one of the most sustainable hotels in the world. We have created a “trail” we call The Walk of Sustainability to allow you as a guest to discover exactly what makes the hotel so unique. The Walk of Sustainability is an actual trail through the hotel, where the hotel’s sustainability initiatives are explained at various locations.

Free Time #2

Who Cares Wins 2013 will be visited by leading managers from Scandinavia’s small, medium-sized and large businesses. While there will of course be time to network during the planned breaks; this is your opportunity to gain that little bit extra from networking in our foyer. Essentially: 30–45 minutes free time for some fearless networking. Fanny Posselt, social entrepreneur, will provide you with free hot dogs from the World's most travelled hot dog stand, while you're networking.

Free Time #3

Derek Abellis a Professor at Harvard Business School and founder of the European School of Management and Technology. Why not participate in an inspiring Q&A session with Abell on the following topic: “The new business of business leadership goes far beyond today’s business? Professor Abell will talk about “thick” and “thin” versions of leadership responsibility – to help you identify where you and your company are, where you believe you should be, and how you can get there.

Free Time #4

Panel debate involving Danish aid organisations. Topic: Partnerships, value creation and terms for collaboration between businesses and NGOs. Presented in collaboration with PwC. Chair: Tania Ellis - The Social Business Company. Panel participants: Anne Larsen (MSF), Gitte Seeberg (WWF), Henrik Ib Jørgensen (Muskelsvindfonden), Mimi Jakobsen (Red Barnet)

A word from the minister

Nicolai WammenDanish Minister for European Affairs Nicolai Wammen on the EU and CSR.

Key-note speech

Jens Prebensen (DK)Jens Prebensen is a CSR consultant and expert at Bureau Veritas. In his presentation we will learn more about “CSR as a moral dilemma”. CSR is generally viewed as something that benefits society – which means that few people associate CSR with moral dilemmas. However, these do exist; though tend to remain under the surface. In rare cases though they do bubble up and can create significant problems for businesses.

Worth thinking about

Peter Nørgaard (Code of Care)3 minutes’ CSR inspiration before the break...

Lunch and classical music

Nightingale String Quartetprovides lovely music while we enjoy our lunch.

Key-note speech

Jonathan Løw (DK)Marketing manager at Kaos Pilots, Jonathan Løw, speaks about CSR, innovation and “human brands”. Løw is also the events officer for Who Cares Wins 2013 and will use his presentation to propose how businesses of the future can use innovation and “daring to fail” to boost business and product development, internal and external communication, cause marketing etc.

Key-note speech

Mohan Munasinghe (Sri Lanka)Listen to the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize Winner talk about sustainable development. Mohan Munasinghe is one of the world’s leading experts on CSR, business sustainability and “sustainomics”. He will introduce the “sustainomics framework” concept which can be implemented in businesses and NGOs in order to secure a combination of financial profit, social benefits and environmental protection.


The workshop is arranged in collaboration with CABI and VFSA. Topic: “The elastic employment market”. Workshop will be introduced by the VFSA Chairman, Sven A. Blomberg (CEO, BRF Kredit).

Organic break

Clear your mind, enjoy some fresh air and indulge in some delicious organic coffee and ice cream. There will also be special surprise gifts for all participants, including award-winning chocolate and liquorice.

Panel debate

LARGE BUSINESSES. Presented in collaboration with PwC. Chair: Tania Ellis - The Social Business Company. Panel participants: Anders Thomsen (Microsoft), Annette Stube (Mærsk), Hanne Lindblad (CallMe), Jesper Møller (Toms), Mads Øvlisen (NovoNordisk), Robbert Stecher (LEGO Koncernen)

Talk and debate

Josephine Fairley & Cindy GallopJosephine Fairley is founder of the UK’s and one of the world’s first Fairtrade brands, “Green & Black”. An example of how “good for people = good for the bottom line”. Listen to Fairley in an exciting talk/debate with Cindy Gallop – former US Advertising Woman of the Year and an extremely colourful character from the world of both marketing and social responsibility. Topics: CSR as a social movement, CSR and authenticity, CSR and innovation. The conversation will be moderated by Danish journalist Paula Larrain.

Thanks for the day

Frokost.dkTo round things off frokost.dk will provide some delicious treats to take home for yourself and your family...We will stay open until 19.00 hrs for anyone wishing to do some early evening networking.


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